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New Hotel to Open - Whitecourt Press

WHITECOURT, AB, March 2015

 A new hotel opening in Whitecourt is set to bring a different level of hospitality to the town. The Microtel Inn will open up on April 6, one of only eight in the country so far. View full article here.

The new hotel will have 104 rooms, and an enhanced, state-of-the-art fitness centre that will be available to the public, and a hot tub and sauna. “The brand is unique,” said Microbuilt/Wyndham Hotel chains Chief Operating Officer Eric Watson, “When you have stayed in one, you know you can expect the same throughout the chain. And that, he says, is a good thing because they have focused on what is important to the customer.

According to research, Watson says, the customer cares about the speed of the high speed internet. They care about comfortable beds, a great shower, big screen television, and a good breakfast. They care about the details that make the stay an experience. The new Microtel will have those things, and more. There will be cookies and bottled water available on check-in, and every afternoon from Monday to Thursday there will be soups and chili, macaroni and cheese, or a stew set out for their guests.

The Wyndham hotel chain, whose parent company is Masterbuilt (who developed the Super 8 chain) is one that cares about the communities they invest in, which is more good news for Whitecourt. They hire locally, and they give back to the community. Whitecourt appealed to Wyndham as a place to build their hotel because they see Whitecourt as a community that is very connected to the future. “We were compelled by the development prospects of this community,” said Watson. “Whitecourt is connected to energy and to the future resources, and we want to build for the long-term. There is a lot happening in Whitecourt.”

Watson added that each full-time employee with the hotel is given three paid days off per year to do volunteer work in the community.
Whitecourt residents will be given a chance to see the hotel in person, said Donna Fahey, director of sales and marketing. “We have a very special offer for the people of Whitecourt to celebrate our opening,” she said. “We are inviting the good people of Whitecourt to try us out for $46.15 for April 6 and 7! We think the best way for people to get a feel for the hotel is to try us out!”